New Puzzle Hobby Tracker

Here it is….a new puzzle hobby look on a new website. We’ve made a big change here with lots of resources about jigsaw puzzles. All our articles will be posted on this website and be available on the Jigsaw Puzzle Connections website too.

The Jigsaw Puzzle Connections Facebook Group will not change. Most Group members read the post links from the Facebook Group page and that will not change.

However, in order to connect with more puzzlers we have set up a new Facebook Page that is part of the website. So this new website-  -and it is shared with a Facebook Page called

The two share posts in different ways. This page is the article page and the Facebook page shares smaller posts similar to the Facebook Group comments page. Sometimes Group members do not notice the difference because the links are shared right in the Group comment box.

That means 2 things are happening here;

  1. The Facebook page is this link;
  2. The website page is this link;

The Puzzle Hobby Tracker

The Puzzle Hobby Tracker is a new digital product. It is an Excel file which is downloadable to your computer. IF you have the Excel program on your computer or if you have access to the online Excel program you can download the file and use it for tracking many details about jigsaw puzzles.

NOTE: Now not everyone has the Microsoft Office Excel program on their computer. There are other options such as online programs. You will need to have access to an Excel-type program in order to use the Tracker. If you do not have the Excel program and are not interested in using the Excel program then simply review the following information to see what is available should you decide later on you would like to try it.

The Master sheet has 500 entries available with numerous details including a photo. Across the bottom you can see the gray tabs that show the time sheet, TO DO list, Wish List, For Sale and the monthly pages (plus more) – each with 500 entries.

The 3 yellow blocks along the top keep a running total of how much time you spend on your puzzles. It also keep track of how many pieces you assemble and the cost of the puzzle you paid. Simply put your numbers in the white boxes for your puzzle and the yellow boxes will automatically calculate the TOTAL amounts.

To the left is the Puzzle Quality Rating system. By clicking into the white box on that line a drop down menu in gray will pop up.

You can see the choices to select. This will be particularly helpful to note which puzzles are good quality or poor.

The Notes box to the left of that is helpful to track if pieces are missing or pieces are thin or the image is fuzzy…

Don’t forget the good comments….


The Puzzle Hobby Tracker Time Sheet

Below shows the details for the Time sheet. There are 8 Timer Blocks with 5 puzzle sessions each. You’re thinking you’ll never work 8 puzzles at a time which is likely true however IF you are working a very large puzzle you may have more than 40 sessions. Or alternatively you can simply ‘clear’ the times in one block and reuse it.

Note the pink columns are preset formulas that automatically calculate the time for you. Clearing the End Time and Start Time makes the Timer Blocks reusable.

There are How TO notes in the white boxes. There is also the How TOs tab on the bottom right.

You can download a copy and print it too.


That concludes our introduction to our New website, New Facebook page and New Puzzle Hobby Tracker.

We have expanded the Puzzle Hobby Tracker into 2 more digital Files.

1. The Reading Hobby List – tracks your book inventory, costs etc CLICK HERE

2. The Coloring Hobby Record – tracks your coloring sheets, books, costs etc CLICK HERE

Happy puzzlin……

Linda Richard, Admin

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